Surplus Liquidations

Surplus Tools, Inc {STI} offers value, staple items that you use daily at greatly reduced costs. STI is a niche business, evolved from a standard cutting tool distributor. Originally this business was established in 1962 and located in Buffalo, NY. Industrial quality Metal working cutting tools remain the focus. Through the years we have developed relationships with distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers who no longer require items listed in our liquidation section. The benefits to you are tremendous savings on staple products manufactured by world class manufacturers.

STATEMENT: I would guess Commerce has not changed since day One. Technology and product advances certainly have - Yet - Our reputation and how we carry ourselves is the most critical value we have to offer. Respect and trust must be earned - Do what You claim, Offer quality products in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.

All items are new in original manufacturer's packaging {unless otherwise noted}.

They are limited to quantities available.

These items are from manufacturer's overstocks, distributors who have changed products lines and manufacturer's who have had print changes and no longer have a particular job in house where items where used.

Liquidations are A ONE TIME BUY - Opportunity for YOU

Visuals are actual item{s}

Call us at anytime - questions - technical assistance - 941-525-7652
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