These are extensions and addons developed and maintained by us. They have come about by our clients request for solutions beyond core AbanteCart. We also ensure that all our extensions work with each other without conflict. We offer these as a modest monthly fee to our Managed Clients only. We will install, activate, and configure an extension as part of your normal service fee.

Extensions here are only for our fully managed clients. All extensions for non-managed clients are available for purchase or rent at

AddThis Integration

This extension helps you to integrate AddThis to your website.

Brands Info

This extension has two parts – You can add descriptions, keywords, meta tag, and SEO Keyword to the brands/manufacturers. The descriptions will be shown on the page. You can also add a menu category showing your brands as sub-categories with clickable links to the brands page.

Build A Gift

This extension helps you to let customer build a gift.

Calendar Extension

This extension helps you to let your customers know about list of available events during certain period.

Constant Contact Integration

Constant Contact Integration Extension for Abantecart – enables you to have two way sync between Constant Contact List and Cart Newsletter List.

Coupon By Locations

This extension helps you to limit coupon usage based on location(s).

Customer Group Auto Assigned

This extension helps you to auto assign a customer to the desired customer group when they register their account.

Customer Group Category Access

This extension helps you to limit customer access to certain product categories based on Customer Groups.

Easy Appointment Integration

This extension helps you to integrate EasyAppointments to your website.

Easy Slider

Easier way to create and manage images for the banner slider. Responsive display. Easy color management for text and description.

MailChimp Integration

MailChimp Integration Extension for Abantecart – enables you to have two way sync between your MailChimp List and your Cart Newsletter List.

Multiple Discount Manager

Multiple Discount Manager helps you to change multiple products discounts at the same time. You can set categories, customer groups or both at the same time. It also adds the ability to use a percentage for the discount or a fixed amount.

Online Newsletter

This extension is designed to work ONLY with MailChimp or Constant Contact. It makes it easy to add your sent newsletters and marketing campaigns of your choice to your AbanteCart store. This adds fresh content easily into your site to enhance your SEO rankings. Non-subscribers to your mailing can also see the information you share with subscribers and perhaps they will be enticed to subscribe.

Product Pricing Plus

This extension can add text or image in front of the Product Base price. Works well for products with price ranges - eg. Starting At (price) or adding tag for NEW, etc. Can show both in Product Page and in Home Page or either one.

Quick View

This extension will let customer view the product in Lightbox and directly order without the need to open up the product page.


This extension lets your customer reorder entire products or a single product within an order without the need to manually add to cart.